Friday, May 21, 2010

Why do we have to be screwed by those gas chamber bound “Jews”/Zionists/Israelis?

Why do we have to be screwed by those gas chamber bound “Jews”/Zionists/Israelis?

Who gave them any right to Insult, abuse anyone and why we can not answer them back?

Further to Where can I buy rolls of toilet paper with a picture of Moses on them?, why do we have to be screwed by those gas chamber bound “Jews”/Zionists/Israelis?

Who gave them any right whatsoever to Insult and abuse anyone at any place, at any time and why can’t we answer them back in a language they may understand?

Why Yahoo Q and A is allowing such a blatant double standard and hypocrisy?

Who Are Israetards? and Why Do They Deserve Gas Chamber? are good enough to justify reasons and grounds to advice them to volunteer themselves to the gas chamber.

Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews and Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews are tragic testimony of Jewish barbarism and Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion provides more substantiation.

No one in this world have to put up with “Jewish”/Zionist/Israeli Terror Continuum.

Please examine the Question and Deleted Answer below to verify my claim.

From: Yahoo! Answers
Subject: Violation Notice Email
Received: Thursday, 20 May, 2010, 9:14 PM

Hello Repenting Israeli

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

Question: Do Moslems SERIOUSLY not understand why "Draw Muhammad Day" exists?

Deleted Answer: Why do Jews delude about that Milking Cow called holocaust? Is it a shroud and cunning business trick to suck sympathy and compensation?

Violation Reason: Misuse of the question and answer format

In Yahoo! Answers you must phrase questions in question format, and your answer must attempt to answer the question. Questions or answers must be written in a comprehensible way, and must be written in the language specific to the Answers site to which it is uploaded. You may not post conversational content without an attempt to post a meaningful question or answer a question or otherwise misuse the question and answer format.

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Yahoo! Customer Care

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